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How to Turn On System Protection for Drives on Windows 11

Oct 2, 2022 ... And if the restore points are filling up, it will delete old ones and replace them with new ones. However, there's a way to manually allocate ...

How to Quickly Remove Bloatware From Windows 11

Nov 13, 2021 ... Unneeded built-in apps can be a nightmare for PC performance, especially if running a low-end PC. Previously, Windows 10 users were ...

How to Recover Your PC Using System Restore on Windows 10 | Petri

Aug 23, 2022 ... System Restore on Windows 10 is a crucial backup feature included in the OS. ... How to manually create or delete system restore points ...

How to Restore the Missing Microsoft Store on Windows 11

Jul 29, 2022 ... Note that this will delete all the app data and reset Microsoft Store to its default state. 4. Re-Register the Microsoft Store Via PowerShell.

7 Ways to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11

Mar 7, 2022 ... Startup programs are apps that automatically start with Windows 11 ... up a restore point) before deleting such binary and string values.

tweakradje - Scripting

Changes: added disable Service, added Create Restore Point, added Restore a ... REM ### Remove packages from Windows 10 that are listed in a text file (like ...

How to create a custom ISO for Windows 10 | TechTarget

May 5, 2022 ... When that's done, you should run Disk Cleanup, create a new checkpoint so you can restore to this point, repeat Sysprep, capture a new install.

Restore default PowerShell settings

PowerShell to the point that I'm having trouble restoring it to the ... some setting I can delete, then I can be confident that I'm showing my

Restore an instance | Cloud SQL for MySQL | Google Cloud

This page describes how to restore your instance from a backup and perform a point-in-time recovery of an instance. For information, best practices, ...

How to Fix Missing Start Menu Icons in Windows 11/10

Aug 16, 2022 ... If yes, you may be able to restore the missing icons with these potential fixes. 1. Restart the StartMenuExperienceHost.exe Process. Both ...

Performing an in-place upgrade of Windows Server | Compute ...

By default, Windows Setup prompts you for input at various points during an ... your Windows Server configuration, the upgrade might take between 10 and 60 ...

How to Remove and Disable the Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter

Oct 8, 2022 ... remove disable microsoft wifi direct virtual network adapter ... Window 10 and 11 running systems use Wi-Fi Direct for the Project to This ...