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My next classical guitar gonna be a Burget I did try out some really good guitars when I was in. Barcelona a month ago. Price was 60 000 - 80 000Pst Wonder ...

Let us now praise Chuck Levin's

Many of the employees have been there for years-- always a good sign. I recently bought two guitars there and found the salesman (Paul Schein) to be a delight ...

Guitar Center in Europe?

sold at near full price ... to be made too - in a good *How to sell guitars* training course. Buxton is too small for a GC, but it does need a good music shop.

4 Local Music Stores To Help Kick Your Guitar Center Habit

Aug 17, 2022 ... Next time you need to get your pickups fixed, head to Colfax Guitar Shop for better prices, friendlier service and potentially the source of the ...


If this is what we've got....God bless Guitar Center. I want them!! Is it ... The only thing good about East Coast is if you are looking to buy a very

Guy at Intercontinental music (Ottawa) lost his mind?

profile I usually have quite a time getting attention. Our local Guitar Center has had some good people, but I went in looking to buy a cheap bass a couple of ...

Should I buy a 1984 Telecaster in fair condition? | Telecaster Guitar ...

Jan 10, 2020 ... There are a lot of used electric guitars out there, and there are also inexpensive new ones, but I know my son really wants a Telecaster, which ...

[jazz_guitar] Washburn Oscar Schmidt OE40??

It is a real guitar with a nice dark jazz tone. Seriously. It is not popular because the players looking at that price range are not looking for guitars that ...

Sam Ash Customer Service

also I bet you will be buying lots of guitars in your life and you will get to ... at Sam Asch and at Guitar Center, and sometimes you will find horrible

Music Loft in Raleigh, NC closing - Possible GOOD DEALS.

Jan 30 in that location. They're discounting all of the inventory that Guitar Center did not ... Storm will continue selling electric guitars, amps, basses, and ...

The Guitar Shop/Was Relocating to Wash DC

... great price (well very fair) on. He has strange tactics and a weird shop, but he does have the best collection of guitars I have ever seen. He is also a ...

Epiphone Casino at Guitar Center (BAD CRAP FROM CHINA)

and whilst still a good buy is most definiely not the Custom! All Custom models ... to the shrinkage. So I'm committed to plywood guitars and These are all good ...

Cordoba guitars

Centers stock the Cordobas and occasionally sell them at prices more ... aggressive than Musician's Friend. I bought a Cordoba 50R at Guitar Center about a year ...

Fed up with OVERPRICED guitars!

driving 700 class BMW's. GOOD quality instruments do NOT lose 2/3 of their value when you walk out of a store. Anyone buying a guitar based upon who plays ...

Am I crazy? Ibanez vs. Martin, Takamine, Taylor, etc.

I went with my brother to buy an acoustic guitar a few days ago. The best selection we found in our area was at Guitar Center, where they

Review: Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Sport

lowest-end Axis, but Guitar Center wont deal on the Axis guitars. They said ... >month people will catch on and Guitar Center will start charging even more

Best classical guitars?

I bought the Takamine <g>. The last guitar instructor I had (10 years ago, lost track of him) had a great guitar by a luthier in Miami named Paris Bianchetti ...

Guitar Center: Shop Music Gear - Apps on Google Play

Introducing the Guitar Center mobile app. You can shop on the go, get personalized notifications, explore product reviews while in the store and much more.

The price of guitars in Paracho

In terms of US prices, how good a guitar can you buy for $1000 in. Paracho? Spencer Doidge offering CDs for sale at http://www.mp3.com/spencer_doidge plus ...

Best Time to Buy at Guitar Center

They do have good prices and decent selection, even if you have to deal with ... guitars along with a few various used guitars (the do have a unusual. Hagstrom in ...