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cleaning up GO artifacts

... repository. That would greatly simplify an issue most anyone will run into ... I've put it on github: https://github.com/LeoK80/go-server-cleanup . Feel ...

Debugging slow gerrit

How often do you GC the Git repositories managed by Gerrit and especially how often do you GC the All-Users repository? 3. What is the JVM heap size? Gerrit ...

Deploy an HPC cluster with Slurm | Cloud HPC Toolkit | Google Cloud

Before you begin · Costs · Launch Cloud Shell · Ensure that the default Compute Engine service account is enabled · Clone the Cloud HPC Toolkit GitHub repository.

Fresh build problem on Mac OS X

I am attempting to clean up a mess in the source code I created. So I forked a fre Git repo and cloned next. I ran "acprep dependencies" cleanly bu it fails ...

Managing infrastructure as code with Terraform, Cloud Build, and ...

Setting up your GitHub repository. In this tutorial, you use a single Git repository to define your cloud infrastructure. You orchestrate this infrastructure ...

clean/smudge filter with age

I'm trying out age[1] as a filter for encrypting files in a git repo but I must be missing something because every new clone

kernel git repo pruning

Automatic cleanup will not be performed until the file is removed. warning: There are too many unreachable loose objects; run 'git prune' to remove them.

Needing to git prune

Mar 1, 2016 ... Automatic cleanup will not be performed until the file is removed. warning: There are too many unreachable loose objects; run 'git prune' to ...

How do I disentangle my Eclipse package from git?

Feb 28, 2013 ... Now, this will remove Eclipse's "binding" to the Git repository, meaning that Eclipse will treat it as just a normal project folder on the disk.

Transitioning from TFVC to Git

Sep 30, 2020 ... Can you clean up your repo and make it smaller? look for zip files, dlls and exes (use Nuget instead); use Git TFS, git tfs quick-clone .. ` ...

Leiningen, Clojure and libraries: what am I missing?

clojure jars, I have a checked out git repo with clojure and this is the ... elements to the classpath?) (3) "lein deps" (or some other task) to clean up old jars ...

The Life of a GitHub Action - Ramblings from Jessie

Jan 13, 2019 ... This takes us back to the uses section of our file. We are pointing to a repository: jessfraz/branch-cleanup-action@master . In this repository ...

git tfs fetch: not updating (beginner question)

May 28, 2021 ... I also tried "git merge FETCH_HEAD" and some clean-up commands... ... git repository including all commits and I want to keep it up to date.

Updating Opencast

out a new version run: $ git clean -fdx. This will clean up your git repository and remove old build artifacts and all other modifications to your git ...

[delete-project]: Clean up expired git repositories from the archive

Dec 13, 2021 ... to Repo and Gerrit Discussion. Hi, we could not understand the purpose of below message " [delete-project]: Clean up expired git repositories ...

Pruning LFS data

If I remove a repository from Gerrit (by delete-project), does it clean-up LFS data too? ... Or loop all git repository folders and create a list of all LFS ...

How to cleanup gerrit database from corrupt entries?

Nov 17, 2022 ... Do that by grepping the output of git show-ref run on the respective git repository. E.g. for change 121: $ git show-ref | grep refs/changes/21/ ...

How to clear NoteDB

how can I clear all NoteDB data if I want to start with a new clean code review server for a certain git repository? All review data is stored in the ...

Lesson Learned - I Can't Get My Git Repo Clean! | DrupalEasy

Mar 8, 2013 ... We did this by using “git rm” to remove the duplicate, upper-cased file, then committed the change, then had our developers pull the commit. If ...