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counting occurrences of a string in excel file, using python?

Aug 30, 2011 ... > manually what rows and columns to use? Untested: import xlrd import xlwt import sys. obook = xlwt.Workbook() # don't need encoding="utf-8"

[pyxl] xlutils.copy() not preserving datetime formats

we are using the python-excel libraries for our excel loader. ... datetime objects have an xf_index of 17 instead of 18 - 20. ... xlutils.filter.cell and xlwt.Row.

Inconsistency (?) between xlrd and Excel borders

I am attaching a insanely simple Excel file (with 2 values in it) and a Python script that you may use to reproduce what I see. Basically, the 2 cells contain ...

Question about format info in xlrd

Aug 25, 2010 ... rows from the Excel file, or get xlrd to not load them? Thanks ... to python-excel. Thank you for your response. The XL_CELL_EMPTY approach ...

Trying to write a cell with multiple lines in it

Jun 8, 2011 ... I am using xlwt and python 2.7.1. I am trying to write a cell that has mutliple lines in it, as if I entered the information in the cell ...

using xlrd and xlwt to read combine multiple excel spreadsheets

Jul 14, 2011 ... to python-excel. I am doing a project where I need to take data from ... You say it worked with one input file; did that have any empty rows at ...

Re: xlrd cell background color

Palette; Colour Indexes". As suggested in the xlrd README etc, consider the python-excel ... Presumably your file is using a solid fill pattern, so that the ...

Reading from excel file, printing to text file.

work like this: it reads an excel file, counts the number of columns that are ... First of all, I'm using xlrd with python 2.5. I know it works with 2.6, I'm ...

Extracting a sheet and adding it to a new workbook

excel file (I need an exact copy of the sheet). I thought I could use something like this: from xlrd import open_workbook, cellname book = open_workbook(r'F:\ ...

Blank rows at end of workbook

May 26, 2011 ... to python-excel ... Empty cells don't exist in the file at all, and are just an artifact of xlrd keeping a row's cell data in sequences rather ...

Inserting a row into excel file

Neither modules modify xls files. You can use xlrd to read the entire file, and xlwt to write a new file with the changes you need. AFAIK xlutils provides some ...

(xlrd) - getting number format for a given cell?

Apr 21, 2009 ... to python-excel. Hi All!, first time here, I'm using xlrd for a couple of days for my work project, and managed to read data from excel files ...

Re: [pyxl] IronPython / xlrd Encoding Problems

and xlrd you are using. Note that the statement at line 426 is merely a ... But if I parse an Excel-file with IronPython the type of the cells makes problems.

Hidden rows with xlrd

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Reading data in excel as normal string using xlrd python module

Jul 4, 2011 ... # this loop will print values for 2nd column and all the rows in the file. for r in range(sht.nrows): cell_col1=sht.cell(rowx=r,colx=1) ...

Using variable from xlrd as input to xwlt

Apr 26, 2013 ... to python-excel. xlwt can't use xlrd's cell objects directly. xlwt needs values. The value of an xlrd cell is in an attribute named 'value'.

xlrd and py2exe

Hello, i've little question. I use xlrd for reading of Excel files and i need to create standalone package (for computers, without python) in MS Windows.

Reading an Excel .xlsx file is extremely slow with openpyxl

xls files (I call them S files, using xlrd) and .xlsx files (the X files, using openpyxl). In my case I read Excel files of about 30,000 rows and just copy all ...

Data extraction problem using xlrd

May 5, 2009 ... xlrd, then it must be stored in the spreadsheet file as a float. You can see for yourself ... assuming your data is in Excel's row 1, type this ...

extract rows by checking the value in particular coloums

Dec 26, 2011 ... Hello Everyone, i am quite new to phyton scripting so i need a little help for my script. I have a huge excel file containing data like: ...