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Oracle.exe=high CPU utilization on database logoff? Yes, logoff!

Feb 4, 2004 ... Note:166301.1 : How to Reorganize SYS.AUD$ Table Note:73408.1 : How to Truncate, Delete, or Purge Rows from the Audit Trail Table SYS.AUD$

Drop Database Manually - andreydba.com

SQL> select member from v$logfile;. Drop the database: sqlplus / as sysdba. SQL> shutdown immediate;. SQL> startup mount exclusive restrict;. SQL> drop database ...

SQLPlus - How to spool without query string?

Sep 21, 2005 ... Delete. Copy link. Report message as abuse. Sign in to report message as ... AA TABLE. 1 row selected.. SQL> set feedback off. SQL> /. TABLE_NAME ...

Trigger does not work when DELETING

Aug 11, 2000 ... ... table, the trigger does not work (the DELETE statement is never executed). If I execute the statement from SQLPLUS it works (the proper row

long running select min(timestamp) query

SQL> analyze table events list chained rows;. Table analyzed. SQL> select owner_name ... > this "mess" by having a table that we frequently perform delete from

Query multiple tables using a wildcard table | BigQuery | Google Cloud

Delete table snapshots · Create periodic table snapshots. Workload management ... For equivalent functionality in legacy SQL, see Table wildcard functions. A ...

Rundeck usage questions.

Jan 11, 2015 ... Delete. You do not have permission to delete messages in this group ... tables and/or customize Rundeck to write to tables based on some condition ...

How to perform joins and data denormalization with nested and ...

Sep 30, 2020 ... Even though the SQL query optimizer can determine which table should be ... table rarely goes through UPDATE and DELETE operations. Take full ...

Getting 'No changes to Save' After Commit in Forms?

Aug 24, 2000 ... Delete. Copy link. Report message as abuse. Sign in to report message ... data into the table just fine (when I do a select in SQLPlus, all data ...

Remove blanks from SQLPlus spoot output

May 22, 2009 ... article on how to generate delimited out queries in SQLPlus: How do I export a database table to a flat file ? http://www.jlcomp.demon.co.uk ...

10g: parallel pipelined table functions with cursor selecting from ...

Jun 8, 2011 ... table functions for selecting on SQL data type TABLE OF <object> ... drop table test_table; /. drop type ton_t; /. drop type test_list; /. drop ...

Custom converter for oracle

Dec 11, 2023 ... // And create a rather wide table, with various NUMBER-fields using external DB-tool. I also made a custom image based on quay.io/debezium/ ...

Unexpected conversion from AL32UTF8 to WE8ISO8859P1

Jan 8, 2009 ... procedure in the target database that is started in a Windows sqlplus ... Table created. SQL> exec jvd_conv_rbn. WE8ISO8859P1 delete: 0 insert: 1.

insufficient privileges when tryning to truncate table.

SQL>. According to the Oracle manuals, the users must be granted delete table to be able to truncate the table. The adb user is given the following grant ...

ORA-00942: table or view does not exist for v$session.

Jul 8, 2010 ... ... sqlplus -s /nolog<<EOF @/home/oracle/system_conn.sql set head off ... Delete. Copy link. Report message as abuse. Sign in to report message as ...

Sonarqube 5.6 database copy fails (Exception sending context ...

Jan 21, 2017 ... (3) Import sql to new target database (execute in sqlplus). (4) Start ... After doing that I can also export the new database, drop and ...

Updating partitioned table data using DML | BigQuery | Google Cloud

Deleting data in ingestion-time partitioned tables. The following DELETE statement deletes all rows from the June 1, 2017 partition ( "2017-06-01" ) ...

Using Oracle Views in Mapinfo 9.5

(8 secs to 0.5) in SQLPlus. Thomas' point about the linked tables was also true - my connection is "Type ODBC" - and I was able to change MBRSEARCH to be ...

cfstoredproc cfprocresult problem

... table the second time the code was executed. So I added the missing drop table statements, just before the set nocount off. However I did notice a) The ...

why undotbs01.dbf too big

> example. > If I understand correctly if i do a "delete from table where > condition" from sqlplus this uses the undo tablespace to maintain read