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How to Manage and Delete Save Data on Your Nintendo Switch

Oct 8, 2022 ... How to Manage and Delete Your Switch Save Data · From your Nintendo Switch's Home screen, select System Settings. · Navigate the displayed options ...

Delete your Play Games profile and data - Android - Google Play Help

You can delete Play Games data from your Google account for one or all games you've played. If you delete data for a game, you might also delete any in-game ...

Is there a way to delete just the cloud save for a game? : r/xboxone

15 votes, 11 comments. Fallout 4. My Xbox can't sync my saves, it just hangs on the progress bar until I cancel it (longest I've waited yet is…

Trying to “revert” to a previous save for challenge runs with online ...

r/xboxone • 3 yr. ago ... If I fail my challenge run, delete the saved data from console. ... Xbox will be pulling Xbox 360 games from the marketplace.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - How To Delete Or Reset An Account

Jul 13, 2022 ... The Yu-Gi-Oh! games are one of the most popular card games ... can save them heartache, but as mentioned before, they'll delete everything.

Saved Games | Play Games Services | Google Developers

Nov 4, 2022 ... Your game can retrieve the saved game data to allow returning players to continue a game at their last save point from any device.

Just got a new Xbox Series X/S? Here's what you should do first.

You can see all saved data by ticking the Saved data box. Are you skipping the Xbox One and upgrading from an Xbox 360? You may need to turn on cloud saves ...

How to Back Up and Restore Deleted Minecraft Worlds

Nov 24, 2022 ... Didn't mean to delete your Minecraft world? ... on a console like the PS5 or Xbox, your data should save automatically to the Cloud.

View or delete your YouTube search history - Computer - YouTube ...

Searches you enter while your search history is paused will not be saved in your search history. If you've removed any videos from your watch history while ...

Save deleted, trying to recover file from external HDD : r/xboxone

It says it's syncing the data but the save is always the older one from the last time I used that xbox. So I always have to go into manage my game, delete ...